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Our collective efforts at Huntley Meadows have been generously funded by the Wetlands Studies and Solutions, Inc. (WSSI)/Peterson Family Foundation Piedmont Wetlands Research Program and are fully collaborative among the researchers and institutions listed below. More information on our related research and outreach programs is available via the links posted below.
W. Lee Daniels, Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences, Virginia Tech
Wetland Soils & Restoration;,
Tess Wynn Thompson, Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech
Surface Water Hydrology & Evapotranspiration;,
G. Richard Whittecar, Ocean, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Old Dominion University
Groundwater Hydrology & Water Budgets;;
Zach Agioutantis, Mining Engineering, Univ. of Kentucky
Wetbud Interface Development, Data Management and Programming;;

Research Presentations and Reports


2012-2015 Monitoring and Research Summary - Wetlands Restoration at Huntley Meadows Park


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